Allsorts offers a premier level of care for all dogs with new K9 hydro baths, providing power showers which evenly distribute the diluted shampoo from a sump to massage the body at a comfortable 31 degrees.

A range of shampoos is available to enhance coat colour, detangle and gentle for sensitive skin. You can also bring your shampoo prescribed by your vet.

Any conditioners needed can be added, then rinsed with fresh water, coat towel dried, sprayed with aloe and avocado fast dry and blasted (hoodies are available if required).

Drying gowns are fitted to wick away moisture then the coat is dried with a hairdryer. Scissoring or clipping is generally done on a clean coat to achieve the best finish.

We are offering a new service for nervous dogs - "speed wash" using a dry foam waterless shampoo that requires no rinsing and naturally dries the coat without using hairdryers. No more stress for your dog!

We simply ask you to please ensure that your dog has been walked and toileted before the groom to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

A comprehensive range of services from a basic wash & dry to hand stripping is available, as is nail clipping and grinding.

Prices on request, though as an example a typical Cockerpoo groom is £50.00

Emmipet ultrasonic teeth cleaning is £35.00 for first consultation including toothbrush head (can last a year). Subsequent sessions are £20.00.

Veterinary weighing scales are available to record weight and check any gain or loss.

Cat grooming by appointment.

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